Monday, March 16, 2015

Horrifying New App Aims to Teach Eye Contact

From the They Should Have Asked Us First file...

Can an app for Google Glass offer a path out of autism?

Out of Autism. Apparently we no longer Autistic people, we are people in autism.

Google Glass

A company called Brain Power presented their app ideas at the Autism Speaks conference at Google Cambridge recently. The app's goal is to teach children eye contact by rewarding the child with a cartoon character every time they look at a person's face. I am guessing these developers have not yet figured out that we are quite adept at focusing in front of a person, rather than on a person. So the app doesn't really do anything differently than what we already do.

First of all, anyone wearing Google Glass is probably going to get beat up. Autistic kids are already an easy target. So why would you put Google Glass on them?

Another app has a feature that "digitally accentuates the person’s eyes to attract attention, because autistic children are known to focus on the speaker’s mouth." Do these people think we look at the mouth because we can't find the eyes? We have a reason for not looking at eyes. They are too intense. So making an app that intensifies them further sounds like a nightmare to me. I am imaging it must be like being stuck in bad trip where all you see is eyes, eyes, eyes everywhere, and you can't escape. I couldn't handle that as an adult. I can' even imagine what it would do to me as a child.

They really should have asked us first


Can an app for Google Glass offer a path out of autism?

Brain Power

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