Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Autism Speaks' Google Problem

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Remember when Rick Santorum had a Google problem? Santorum made disparaging remarks about homosexuals, so with the encouragement of columnist Dan Savage of Savage Love, thousands of people started googling 'Rick Santorum [sexual reference]. And next thing you know, all Google searches regarding Rick Santorum start leading to sexual references, whether the original searched intended it or not.

Well don't you think it's about time Autism Speaks has a Google problem?

I think this April, in honor of Autism Awareness month when more people than ever are googling for autism information, this would be a perfect time to stage a coup. If we get enough people googling "Autism Speaks [...]" we should be able to have an effect on search results and lead people searching for information back to us, rather than the hate speech from AS.

It took Santorum years to recover from the Google incident. Now I know we don't have the same level of readership as Savage Love, but I think we have the power to make a dent in the results.

Now the question is, what phrase should we google?

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