Saturday, August 9, 2014

Why Autistic Wiki?

 The Autistic Wiki - Where Autism Really Speaks

The autistic wiki is a free library of information about autism. It is written and monitored by the autistic community.

Why did I make a page called Autistic Wiki?

Because I believe in the adage, 'he who controls the information, controls the people.' I believe it is important if we are going to see success with autism awareness we, the autistics, need to be in control of the information.

Right now we have a lot of experts speaking for us. Some of those people are real experts who really believe the things they say. Others, such as Autism Speaks, are people who spread fear and hate about us.

If we want to have a chance at narrating the story, we need to have a central place where those outside the community can come to learn about autism without having to wade through all the lies and distortion being spread by others.

What I Hope to Get Out of This

My goal is we will eventually be able to outrank large organization such Autism Speaks in the search engine ratings so people find us, before they find them.

It's much easier to educate people straight from the beginning than it is to have to wade through the muck and convince them they've been lied to.

This is my goal. To give autistics a voice. That is the reason I have chosen the tag line, "Where autism really speaks."

I Need Your Help

I hope you will join me. Please visit and contribute the the library of information about autistics, by autistics.

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