Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Autism Speaks Town Hall March 6th, 3PM ET

From their webpage:

"Autism Speaks leadership will take questions on the past present and future of the organization on March 6 at 3pm ET

"Autism Speaks co-founders Suzanne and Bob Wright along with President Liz Feld and 270 Strategies founding partner Mitch Stewart will discuss a decade of achievements and the future path for the organization. "

Call me cynical. That's ok. I am.

I would love to think they would actually answer some hard hitting questions, but the reality is it will never happen. None the less, we have to make our effort so once again we have "proof" that they refuse to hear our voices.

Screen cap everything!

Michael Williams from WPTV will be the moderator. The event will be a live webcast and is expected to run about an hour and a half. Questions are to be submitted via email or Facebook.

Info You Need So You Don't Have to Give Their Site Additional Hits

Michael Williams: @MWilliamsWPTV5
Questions via email: townhall@autismspeaks.org
Webcast address: http://autismspeaks.org/townhall
Hashtag: #AStownhall - be aware, this may change if we take this one over too.

I will be at work during that hour, so sadly I will miss it. I am hoping it will be available on Youtube later.

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